Friday, May 11, 2012

TiPs To Enhance Your EnGLiSh

Assalamualaikum w.b.t
Do you feel that English is too hard? Here are some simple ways to improve our English. Even, I myself trying to improve in this language every day. Usually, most of our friends would encourage or advise us to read anything that written in English such as magazines, books and etc. This method may suit people who love to read but how about others who feel bored once they started to read English book. So, here are some tips that could help you. Insha’Allah
1.       Encourage and force yourself to speak with your members at least for 10 minutes every day. It’s ok if you speak broken English, no one knows. By the way, reminder to people who are communicating with friends who are just learning to speak in English, please don’t laugh at them while they were talking to you, because you will cause he/she feel terrible.
2.       Watch English movies with subtitles. By doing so you will able to get know some new words with correct pronunciation.
3.       Listen to English songs. You may read and go through the lyrics while listening to the song. In my opinion, due to most of us were Maher Zain fans, why don’t you guys start with his songs first. Don’t just listen but hear carefully how he pronounce the words.(even myself having problem with pronunciation, so Insha’Allah this could help everyone including me).
4.       Start writing a blog or even post something at your facebook in English. This is one way for you to practice your writing. Blog on something that you love, for example you can write some articles that related to Islam.
5.       Be good friends to English dictionary. If possible buy a dictionary that you comfortable to use and bring it everywhere. By having it, you even can learn new words a day. (Just want to share, I did it after my SPM, I always watch Breakfast Hour at ntv7 and I wrote down the new words and find for its meaning, later I try to used it in my writing and speaking, and it really help for my MUET. I learn this method from my cousin.)
6.       If can join any English competition to identify your level.

Finally, the most important thing, reminder: even for myself, learn English not because you want others to know that you are good speaker but your intentions is just because of Allah. There are some peoples get knows the beauty of Islam through this language, so why don’t we try to learn this language in order to spread “THE BEAUTY OF ISLAM’..Insha’Allah.

May Allah bless everyone of us...

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